The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

Ephesians 2:1-7

1. What is your favorite zombie movie or tv show?

2. We all complain from time to time. Right now, at this moment, what is one thing that you find yourself complaining a lot about?

3. How does the doctrine of Original Sin make sense of the world we live in?

4. Can you describe the moment when the truths of the Bible became real to you? How old were you? What truths became real? What happened?

5. We can be fleshly by breaking all the rules or even keeping all the rules. What are some rules that you keep that feed your self-glory?

6. The Gospel straightens our souls so that we can look around us to see how we can serve the needs of those around us. What are some needs God has made you aware of recently that you think He’s calling you to serve?