How to Tune Your Heart to Sing

How to Tune Your Heart to Sing

Ephesians 5:18-21

1. How important is music in your life? Who are your favorite artists? If you were stuck on an island and could only choose 3 artists, who would be on your playlist?

2. What role has music played in your faith journey? How has this changed over the years?

3. Do you find it easier to read the Bible or sing to Him? Why is that? When was the last time you really sang to our Lord? What truth captivated your heart?

4. How does the worship of others impact you? Can you think of a time where someone else’s singing encouraged and edified you?

5. What truths of the Bible has the Holy Spirit impressed upon you this year? What truths have come “alive” as a result of the Spirit’s working?

6. What is a practical step you can take in helping your faith become more of a “singing” faith?