Foundations for Godly Parenting- Part 1

Foundations for Godly Parenting- Part 1

Ephesians 6:1-4

1. If you have kids, share one of your proudest moments as a dad/mom. Also, share one of your most embarrassing moments as a dad/mom.

2. When you envision success as a parent, what do you see? What does successful parenting look like?

3. If you saw yourself more as an ambassador rather than an owner, what differences would you see in the way you relate to your kids?

4. How can you tell if you’ve crossed the boundary between loving your kids and idolizing them? What are the symptoms of child idolatry?

5. The best way to parent your children is to first remember that you are a child–a child of God. If you rested in your identity as God’s child, how do you think that would impact your parenting?