Finding Meaning and Purpose in Your Job

Finding Meaning and Purpose in Your Job

Ephesians 6:5-9

1. How would you currently describe your attitude towards your work? Why do you feel the way you feel?

2. How does knowing that all work can bring glory and pleasure to God change the way you approach your work? Is there anything you do at your job that you feel is “off-limits” to God’s purview?

3. What difference would it make for you to make “eye-contact” with God while you worked? What would change?

4. It’s one thing to love our jobs. It’s another to worship our jobs. What are some tell-tale signs that you’ve crossed the line from making work a good thing into a god thing?

5. The Sabbath is one tool God gives us to help us fight off “work-ship.” How does proper Sabbath stave off “work-ship”? How well do you Sabbath? What are some Sabbath practices that help you rest in Him?