Ordinary People Redeemed by an Extraordinary god

Ordinary People Redeemed by an Extraordinary god

We are ordinary people.

    1. We don’t pretend to be better than anybody else.
    2. We don’t pretend to have life figured out.
    3. We admit that life is hard.

We are redeemed people.

    1. As redeemed people, our lives are filled with peace because of what Christ has done for us. He lived the life we could not live and died the death we should have died.
    2. As redeemed people, our lives are filled with joy because of what Christ is doing in us. Through His Spirit, He is shaping and molding us so that we might more visibly reflect His beauty, love, and grace.
    3. As redeemed people, our lives are filled with hope because of where Christ is leading us. This world is not our home and one day we shall join Him in heavenly glory.

We serve an extraordinary God.

    1. He leads us on an extraordinary journey characterized by radical love, persevering hope, and overflowing joy.
    2. He frees us from the tyranny of self so that we can joyfully live for others.
    3. He fills us with love for the lost, hurting, and weak that manifests itself in word and deed.

Gospel Partnerships:

The Mission, Vision and Values of New Life Irvine:

Mission: What are we called to do? What is our church’s mission? Our mission is to lead people to Jesus and mature disciples in Him.

Vision: What does an idealized picture of our church look like? What do we hope to see when we achieve our mission? To see a Gospel movement where lives radically change, families flourish, and our city prospers.

Values: Who are we? What makes New Life, New Life?

  1. Gospel-Centered – The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the central engine that drives and shapes who we are and how we behave. This Good News saves and transforms, justifies and sanctifies. The Christian life never moves beyond the Gospel; it moves deeper into it. The greater our grasp of the Gospel, the more passionate will be our worship, the more loving our community, and the more fervent our outreach. The Gospel is not just the A, B, C of Christianity, but the A-Z.
  2. Missional – We are a church that sees itself as a missionary commissioned by God to reach the lost and the least here in the city of Irvine. Our ministries will assume a welcoming posture to seekers and skeptics. We will bless our unbelieving friends in both word and deed in hopes that many might discover the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  3. Diversity– God is gathering people from every tongue, tribe, and nation, from every socio-economic background, generation, and political persuasion. We believe the kingdom of God is more vibrantly revealed when the rich diversity of God’s people gather to worship and do life together. Heaven is colorful, not color-blind.
  4. Safe Refuge– We live in a culture obsessed with competition, success, and achievement, where many feel pressure to perform and pretend. In contrast, we are a refuge for sinners who feel safe to reveal their own weaknesses and struggles because their acceptance is found not in their performance but in the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ.