Is New Life for You?

Finding a new church can be a frustrating, time-consuming process. In order to help you save some time, here is a helpful visitor’s guide.

Do NOT visit if you are looking for:

  1. A perfect church with perfect people.
  2. A church with a political agenda.
  3. A church that knows the day & hour of Christ’s return.
  4. A mega-church.
  5. Sermons that focus on grace at the expense of holiness.
  6. Sermons that focus on holiness at the expense of grace.
  7. A community that is only concerned with itself.
  8. Entertainment.
  9. A church that believes our way is the only way of doing church.
  10. Superficial treatments of the Word of God

Do visit if you are looking for:

  1. Imperfect people who are not afraid to admit it.
  2. A community that welcomes people from all backgrounds, experiences, and lifestyles.
  3. A personal relationship with the pastor.
  4. A church that values small group ministry.
  5. A community where it is safe to struggle, ask questions, and be yourself.
  6. A community that celebrates humility, not superiority.
  7. Gospel-centered sermons that motivate with grace, not guilt.
  8. Music that allows the heart and mind to sing.
  9. A church committed to global missions and mercy ministry.
  10. Teaching that digs deep into the Word of God

If you think New Life is for you, then click here to find out how to meet us in person.